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Jalaluddin Rumi, Mevlàna


Through Love

1.  Read  the poem and discusss with your partner which of the following statements is closest to the general meaning of the poem:

a)  Love can make all suffering disappear
b)  Love can transform what is negative into something positive
c)  Love can improve people's characters.

2.  In each line of the poem two words are contrasted with each other e.g. bitter/sweet; copper/gold; dregs/wine; pain/medicine. How is the contrast between the two words king/slave in the final line different from the others?

3.  Think of other ways that love can change people, actions and feelings. Then, following the pattern of the poem, with your partner try to write 2 more lines beginning: 'Through love......'

4.  Check the links to information on Mevlàna Lalaluddin Rumi and see if you can find poems which deal with a similar theme to this one.

poema Through Love, Jalaluddin Rumi, Mevlàna

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