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Hughes, Langston


I, too, sing America

1.  Check the meaning of the following words: darker, grow, dare, besides, ashamed.


2.  Langston Hughes was an Afro-American. In the first line of the poem, why do you think the protagonist says 'I am the darker brother' and not simply 'I am black'?


3.  In what ways does the poem contrast the past and the future? Which word indicates the poet is referring to the future?


4.  In the lines: 'They'll see how beautiful I am / And be ashamed', what do you think 'they' will be ashamed of?


5.  Why do you think the title 'I, too, sing America' has been changed in the final line of the poem to 'I, too, am America'?


6.  The US Civil Rights Law of 1968 prohibited discrimination against a person because of his/her race, color or religion. What indications are there in this poem to show that it was written before this law was passed?

poema I, too, sing America, Hughes, Langston

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