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Raji, Remi


Darkness: A Lamentation / Foscor: Lamentació

Darkness gathers like eternal clouds
The morning light runs, it fades, in flight from the wicked
The house is desolate, and Death's echo grips the wind
We lose the inheritance of farms, and the monkey struts and rules
In the absence of men, the cursed reptile holds court
We lacked the patience to build with straws of love
The house crumbled
We lacked the persistence of valiant paths above all pain
So the earth rumbled

The house falls, the earth quakes, and kindness is swallowed in the pit

The lame brag of victory in the combat of limbs
The deaf dance to the absent rhythm of compound beats
And the mute dream of speeches that stir celestial souls

I seek entrails of the world, what is gone and coming
Earth, sea, swamp and sky, I watch
I conquer the mind's eye of God, the lightning of truth and fear
In splendour and surprise, He wondered what world he has made
Still, He wonders...

Torn and in stitches like the rag
The world goes by, worse than its own nakedness
Shame is fluent in the land, common to kith and kin
And the fingers of the wicked multiply and mushroom in the dark

Darkness gathers... it gathers like eternity
The morning light runs... it runs, and fades, it fades, it fades...

imatge guerra
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